Friday News Drop

We’re getting active on here at last. Five things to clear up -

  1. Issue 103 is out and shipping, we had our distributor slowing right down/closing due to covid, so we are getting all the missing stuff out.

  2. Issue 104 will be with you I October, 105 in November and 106 December, to get us up to date.

  3. We are launching a digital subscription, we’re very aware that postage for overseas is going up, so we’re going to add a fully interactive version for online only reading, all subs will get this as well.

  4. We now have books online as well, and the library will be growing.

  5. Thankyou for all the support, 2020 has been such a nightmare, but we have survived because of you. We need more help though, so we have 25 lifetime subs and around 200 regular subs available all on the store.

Thanks again, and check out our new Path Apparel as well.