How You Can Help And Join Our Community

It's been a tough year, and the last couple of days comes with the news of the biggest surfing publication on the planet ceasing publication. Surfer was the bible, but as with anything that ends up in the hands of a publishing house that values advertising dollars and an ever growing bottom line, it can't last forever.

The internet can be blamed for many things, but not everything, and it has shown us the importance of bringing communities together. That is what we are here, through a crazily tough year we have got through not because of the support of a publishing house, or massive ad dollars (although our partners are awesome), but we have made it thanks to the support of readers, and that allows us to grow into exactly what you want.

We do mean that as well, we don't want to exist in a bubble, we want to create our own original content, but also bring in your ideas, and you're always welcome to mail me direct - It's all about a community collaboration, we don't want to be a mimic of other magazines but something different.

If you'd like to join us there are several ways to subscribe or get individual issues HERE - It is essential for our growth, but things are tough this year we know, so if you have any feature ideas always keen so just drop me an email.

Thanks for all the support.