Issue 101 - Behind The Scenes

Issue 101 came back with what is an incredible cover by Ben Thouard in Tahiti. We wanted something that spoke load and clear about surfing and our environment, but was also anonymous, but at the same time would resinate with any sort fo wave rider. 

The magazine its self was put together to give a nod to the past, a certain familiarity, as well as starting to bring the whole feel up to date. 

The gallery kicked it off, and will always start The Path, nothing like five spreads of beautiful photography.

One thing that we had to bring back was Land Sea Sky with Tony Butt. The oceanographer is a legend plain and simple, and his delving into the subtleties of the surf environment are both informative and digestible without being condescending or over simplified. Every LSS also has a guest writer, in this case Dan Crockett from the Blue Marine foundation with an ode too Patagonia.

Our lead feature, is setting the tone for original reader created content, in a classic travelogue style. In this case it is one mans journey after losing his job around Britain and Ireland. 

Whilst it will not be in every issue, we are doing some photographer profiles, especially those which have broken new ground or faced extreme adversity. Technically and diversely speaking Ben Selway is the best surf photographer to come out of our islands, and his tale of photography and his personal battle with brain cancer is both incredible and inspiring. 

Lea Brassy is pretty amazing, surfer, activist, free diver and Nurse, the lady from the north of France tells her story, and is an inspiration. 

We then have three very different big features. The first is from American photo journalist Michael Kew, his journey through lesser known Pacific Islands is incredible. 

Big Oil v The world is a look into the affect the oil industry has on the ocean and our industry. 

The we have an incredible feature shot by Nick Pumphrey and written by Mike Lay, an ode to Europe, as we prepare to leave

Finally tales of misadventure in Iceland, stuck in snow drifts, almost driving off cliffs and getting some very cold waves. 

As always the mag finishes on Agree To Disagree and in issue 101 it is five reasons why the Olympics is no place for surfing.

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