Issue 102 - Behind The Scenes

Following on from the first issue was always going to be tricky, we wanted to get to our roots and be a bit more down to Each on the location of the cover shot. This one of Ian Battrick in Scotland was a tricky one to get on the cover, but the wave really speaks for its self. 

The Gallery kicks things off as always.

Then Tony Butt leads LSS with a feature on protecting surf spots through slowing nature to run its course and not building damaging coastal defences. We also have a fascinating feature on the plankton which we literally surf with every time we enter the water. 

Carving up the Congo is an awesome insight into the both the country and the waves. A forgotten corner of Africa, which is so rich in every way, a classic TSP travel tale. 

Our photographer profile is with Lucia Grigi, probably the most published female surf photog on Earth, with images from the Eddie to Polar Bears. 

We then have a huge interview with legendary shaper Neil Purchase junior. Sam Lamiroy spent pretty much two weeks with the legend, shaping, surfing and having a couple fo beers whilst he was in the UK. 

Our reader submitted feature is an epic tale, what would you do if you got offered a job in Finland? Well of course you'd load your van up and spend a couple fo months driving through the world's largest archipelago surfing to get there. 

We then have a fascinating short folio from polaroid surf shooter Matt Smith, or as he is better known Insta Surf. 

Our environmental piece is called climate shock, we take a reality check on how we should be travelling, because we all want to go to Indo right...

Finally Van Life, it's a step into the reality away from he hashtags and we meet some real folk who have succeeded and failed at living in vans full time. 

Then there is Agree To Disagree, a passionate number for the usefulness of Wave Pools. 

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