Issue 103 - Behind The Scenes

The first two issues were tough, we were just getting into our stride and then Covid hit, printing delays, distribution closing, it's all happened but issue 103 is a beauty, and it is The Path maturing into its stride. 

As always the gallery kicks things off and we have an absolute summer beauty from Brian Nevins to open up. 

In Land Sea Sky, as well as Tony Butt, we also bring in a new resident marine biologist to talk about the creatures we surf with on a regular basis, we start with seals and salmon. 

The hardest thing about being based in Cornwall, is writing about it, again and again, so getting a perspective from an American, and a pretty sceptical one is fascinating. 

I grew up here, so was pretty sceptical about showing it like this, but it happens once a century, and this was it... East Anglia land of the grinding sandbar?

A road trip on the path less trodden in NZ with Dan Gaudauskas, Pete Devries and Noah Cohen. 

Is it the name? is it the cold? or is it the insane fickleness? They all draw me to New England's surf, and Brian Nevins takes us on a fickle journey to the North Eastern states prime cuts and it's wicked good.

Finally, as we were in isolation when this was written, we go on a real journey looking for isolation with some of our readers through Indo, India, Ireland, Scotland, Canada and Mexico, from ship wrecks to monster swells, drug lords sheep, it's all there...

As always we end on agree to disagree, and this month dealing with the foamier plague.

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