North Of The Sun Revisited


If you haven’t seen it, watch the trailer above, and rent it tonight, I gaurantee you will not be disappointed. There are a couple of reasons why watching this film will get you fired up. Firstly the positive energy of the film, it makes you want to stake out, and when coupled with the brutalises of the adventure, It will make you want to escape now. Secondly it shows the purity of surfing, removed from modern day commercial bollox, it is simply you, nature and a surfboard. Finally, and originally unintentionally, it brings you down to Earth environmentally, the amount of trash they found, and used to build their house is astounding.

The thing about the trash issue here is, they found a problem. We went back six years ago and found it even worse, and one of our friends has just been to this Arctic beach and it is still as bad. The conveyor belt of our rubbish is never ending.