Surfers Rally For Climate Action

THE biggest names in Australian surfing have banded together to defend Australia’s coastline and the surfing lifestyle from the threat of climate change.

Surfers for Climate, founded by longboarding champion Belinda Baggs and former pro-surfer Johnny Abegg, is taking on the crucial challenge of bringing the Australian surf community together to protect the coastline from future threats.

“For surfers, the ocean is life,” Baggs said.

“Climate change, fuelled by the burning of fossil fuels, threatens everyone’s way of life. For the surfing community, this is a red alert. Everything we love is under threat.”

Australian surfers found their collective voice seeing off the Norweigian oil giants seeking to drill the Great Australian Bight in February this year, and have now come together to take on an even bigger challenge, climate change.

“The ocean has made me who I am. Now, we get the chance to help save it,” said Abegg.

“Through Surfers for Climate, we are standing to fight for the ocean, so my kids, and generations to come, can continue to ride waves in thriving oceans.

“Surfers for Climate will bring surfers together in a positive, fun and inspiring way. The ocean has shaped our country. And now, we must stand up and do what we can to create the future we all want.”

Legends of the sport, like pro surfers Adrian “Ace” Buchan, Laura Enever and Pacha Light have joined swimmer and ironman Ky Hurst, actor and director Simon Baker, surf filmmaker Jack McCoy, and musician Jack River as ambassadors for Surfers for Climate.

“The freedoms we had as kids, the thrills, spills and lessons learnt amongst the beauty and power of nature, it held us close. To think we could repay it by inaction breaks my heart,” Surfers for Climate ambassador Simon Baker said.

The surfer-led organisation’s launch today coincides with a remarkable collaboration between Jack McCoy and legendary Beatle Paul McCartney, who have created a new film clip to McCartney’s evocative homage to the ocean, “Wine Dark Open Sea,” featuring the hypnotic surfing of Belinda Baggs.

Surfers for Climate draws inspiration from the True Locals, First Nations’ people, their generational wisdom and connection to land, waters and culture.

Surfers for Climate is an Australian-based registered charity fostering a broad alliance with other surfing and environmental groups, climate scientists and campaigners and surfing communities around the world.


Paul McCartney Launches New Music Video To Support The Fight Against Climate Change

LEGENDARY musician Paul McCartney has teamed up with new climate change organisation, Surfers For Climate for the world exclusive music video premiere for Wine Dark Open Sea on Thursday, November 5 on

McCartney’s love of the ocean led him to collaborate with award-winning surfing filmmaker, Jack McCoy for the second time following the release of the video for Blue Sway, which won ‘Best Music Video awards’ at major film festivals around the world.

“I’m thrilled to support Surfers For Climate. Their work is something that really appeals to me as we all have a responsibility to do our bit and this is a great way to bring people together with a shared passion for the seas and oceans from all around the world for positive climate action,” says McCartney.

“It’s an honour to again work with the most influential artist in the modern world and to have him support such a great cause to raise awareness on the importance of acting now in the fight against climate change. It is our duty to protect our environment and limit the impact we make as humans,” says McCoy.

The video features former champion surfer and Surfers For Climate co-founder, Belinda Baggs. McCoy says the video takes viewers on a journey and appeals for them to open up their hearts to the ocean.

“I love the video that my friend and surf filmmaker, Jack McCoy has created for this. The striking footage of pro longboarder, Belinda Baggs and her dance on water is a powerful reminder of how incredible our oceans are and that they need our help to protect them and preserve their wonder for generations to come,” says McCartney.

“Every time I watch the video I get goosebumps, we believe people will connect with the video to make a conscious effort to support our fight against climate change,” says Baggs.

The video will premiere exclusively on on Thursday, November 5 at 7pm AEDT. If you can’t watch the premiere, the video will be available to view On Demand exclusively on the platform for three months.

Viewers can view the premiere for a $5 donation that will go towards supporting two of their partner organisations, Surfrider Foundation Australia and Seed Mob.

Wine Dark Open Sea Premiere:


“For surfers, the ocean is life. Climate change, fuelled by fossil fuels, threatens everyone’s


way of life. Our goal is simple, we want to pass on a healthy ocean to the generations to




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