The New Partner Subscription

We have now officially sold out of the lifetime subscription option. However we've had offers to help us grow in several different ways, which is amazing, the love and support through a time where we have just got by like a lot of you has been amazing. We truly believe in really solid, long form, photo journalism and film, and want to create a community that wants that, and that will help us grow.

We have support from our commercial partners which is fantastic, but we wanted to throw it open to the wider community as well. So we have released a partner subscription. It costs sixty five pounds, so is thirty five more than a standard yearly sub. However you do get a lot more for it, there is a free gift every year from us and one of our partners (these will be around a value of £100), and you'll get preferential access to everything we do. One thing we are going to start is slide and film nights, grass roots affairs, but for subscribers only.

The other part of these is that you will be listed as a partner alongside our commercial partners here on the website, and in the magazine, just as a way of saying thank you. 

The future of publications like this are our community, and ultimately I want you all to have a say in what goes in, and on around the magazines as well. 

If you'd like to sign up you can here - PARTNER