Three Surf/Adventure books you should read

We’re big readers and absorbers of epic photography here, so we’ve been going through books in surfing about adventure. There are loads of films out there, although few really capture the true depth of what goes into remote missions. Books and the written word take you a little deeper. There are three very different ones here, but you should try and read each at least once in your surfing life.

In Search Of Captain Zero - Alan Weisbecker


In 1996, Allan Weisbecker sold his home and everything he owned, loaded his dog and surfboards into his camper/4x4, and headed off in search of his mate, Patrick, who had disappeared into the depths of Central America. ISOCZ os the tale of his quest through Mexico to Costa Rica to unravel the circumstances of Patrick's disappearance, Weisbecker describes the people he befriended, the bandits he evaded, the waves he caught and lost en route to finding his friend. It is a true surf adventure, and internal journey of self discovery, as well as an intimate portrait of that period of time. It is most excellent, and should really be on every surfers reading list, if it isn’t already.

Distant Shores and High Tide - Chris Burkard


OK this is actually two books, both by Chris, both beautiful photographically and punctuated by the tales being the images. Chris is obviously one of the most famous outdoor photographers on the planet, and one of the best known adventure photographers, so the stories and tales associated with them are incredible. High Tide has a lot more depth to it, Distant Shores is more photographically focussed with extended captions, but the tales in High Tide are more expansive. It’s very different depth wise to Capatain Zero, and you feel that there are more tales behind the very ocean cut adventures, but you have to say the images take you on an adventure of their own.

Numb - Ian Battrick and Tim Nunn

Wit a forward by TSP founder Alex, we may be a little biased about this book, but it is a little different than anything else. Firstly Ian and Tim shot, travelled and wrote this on an absolute shoestring, through Scotland, Iceland, Canada and Norway. At the time cold water surfing was most certainly not even a glimmer in the eye of apparel marketers, and this was a true search for isolation. It’s brutally honest, and funny, with a very serious undertone of making sure we all live our lives to the max. The surfing and imagery, as well as the cast of colourful characters (Timmy Turner, Chris Noble, The Bruhwiler Bros, Pete Devries), make it a fascinating read, and an insight into a period when places like Canada and Iceland were not marketing ops but opportunities for adventure.

You Can Purchase A Digital Version of Numb - HERE

How do you get these books?

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