Lifetime Books

If you're one of our lifetime subscribers here are the new books, and old ones as well. Some we will not have until march, but we'll send out as soon as we can. If you've emailed me your first choice, chose a second and email that as well, unlike t-shirts I'm dealing with these so contact 


Numb - Ian Battrick

Numb 2 - TSP

Let My People Surf - Patagonia

Surf Science - Tony Butt (next batch will be available in March)

Distant Shores - Chris Burkhard

I Love The Sea Side Guides - Morocco - North East Europe - South West Europe - UK and Ireland

Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life by William Finnegan (available March)

Surf is where you find it - Gerry Lopez (available March)

We have a few more in the pipeline and I'll keep updating.